MOOC 101: Accompanying Blog

Blog for the course:  Introduction to Applied Investing by David S. Krause

This blog is maintained by Dr. David Krause, the director of the Applied Investment Management program at Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The purpose of the blog is to support the online course: Introduction to Applied Investing.

The course has been designed to operate in a linear, self-paced manner. While each lesson has a video lecture by Dr. Krause that has been pre-recorded, a new entry with be available daily on the Applied Investing blog which accompanies the course.

There will also be other blog postings that will be provided regularly that offer Dr. Krause’s running commentary on the current performance of the financial markets and individual investments. Within the Introduction to Applied Investing course on the site, the Announcements section will contain links to the daily blog postings – or they can be accessed directly at the Applied Investing blog.

The course is a self-paced MOOC (massive open online course). This means that there are no group assignments or peer review and that you will move at your own pace. The course is intended that a student will complete one module per week; however, you are free to maintain your own pace so long as you complete the course by the date assigned.


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